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You have been chosen for inter-dimensional travel by Quest Corp. By exploring new worlds you are sending back valuable information. This data directly impacts Quest's many endeavors towards the betterment of humankind through universal knowledge.

Good luck, stay calm and scan everything you can.

Developer Notes:

-Currently only available for windows

-Controls can be found under '?' in the main menu

-The game automatically saves your progress before each warp. If you'd like to delete your progress and start again press “Re-Start” in the main menu

-If you're experiencing performance issues try changing the graphics settings in the main menu via the gear icon. Lower settings may be appropriate for older hardware, laptops etc...

-If you  become stuck you can restart a level at any time via the pause menu

-Headphones are recommended

*Update 2.0: 

-Streamlined the ability system

-Major changes to overall pacing

-Added new areas and a final world


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ConceptArt_Final.zip 16 MB
IDH_Win.zip 218 MB


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I was intrigued by this game, and I still am, but I found myself getting motion sick pretty quickly. (Which is a shame because I wanted to explore more!) And I couldn't tell if I bugged the game out or if it's just that weird. 

It's a shame about the motion sickness, maybe because of the type/speed of movement? I'll have to do some research into that. I'm working on an update that streamlines some aspects of  gameplay, fixes bugs etc but I don't think you broke anything, it's just a pretty weird game :)  Thanks for checking it out!

I was so confused I'm still not sure if I broke the game, but I had fun exploring.

Glad you had a good time!  Yeah looks like it got a little broken there at the end. Thanks for playing!


I saw the name and had to install it.

A lot of warping to do.. maybe a few warps too many. :) I did like the messages and the visuals are definitely trippy. 


Thanks for checking it out